Quantum Relationships

Think about all the people you know, or have met, throughout your life. Some people have been transitory while others have been intimately close to you. Each of those people has similar relationships with other people – most of which you have never met or heard of.
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Where there is contact, here illustrated by overlap, we have relationship. Not all relationships are consciously shared and only the points that touch are consciously experienced.

Relationship is not simply two or three dimensional. In the examples below, imagine a relationship that also exists between the blue and the red – in addition to the first relationships shown.

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In the example below, blue may start a relationship connection with black – but does not have any relationship with green. At first, black may not realise that blue has a relationship connection to red and similarly, blue may not know about black’s connections to yellow and green. However, yellow may tell blue that it also knows black and at some point there will be a collective knowledge of others but, not necessarily a direct relationship. As you can begin to see, all of this moves towards a complex system of relationships, involving those we experience first hand and those that we experience vicariously:

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In addition to the current relationships, we also have past relationships that may no longer connect directly with our present system in conscious physical association, but reside in our carried memories. Some of those past connections will also have other connections unknown to us. In human terms – deceased relatives, going back though history and past recollections of any relationships we have had in our present lifetime.

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Quantum relationships are multidimensional both through time and space as we perceive and understand it but, also, in spite of time and space beyond our normal concepts of linear space/time. This permits multiple and simultaneous existence in more than one system of reality.