St Oswald’s Church

Stained Glass - handoflight.ukThe Church has both a rich history (Saxon, Victorian) and a fascinating number of opportunities for sketching. Indeed, there are so many things – in what has now become a comparatively small space – from stained glass to statues, that a short visit simply cannot take it all in.

And if the architectural history was not enough on its own, much of the furniture has carvings by both Robert Thompson – ‘The Mouseman of Kilburn’ and one of his apprentices, Martin ‘Lizardman’ Dutton. You can see a bit more about the Church here.

One notable visitor to the Church in the past, was famous sculptor and local Castleford lad, Henry Moore – who was said to have been particularly interested in a couple of the stone carved heads. Although not perhaps fully apparent from the image below, closer viewing from different angles does bear a striking resemblance to the style of some of the heads on Moore’s ‘reclining figures’.

Church Warden -

Other influences in the Church can be seen in some of the fantastic stained glass windows. There appears to be a strong influence of the Pre-Raphaelite period and also the Arts and Crafts movement styles of William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones.

Flag -

Although difficult to make out, this is actually the remains of an ancient pennant flag – awaiting restoration or reproduction.

Flag -

Graves -